dimanche 13 janvier 2013

Manual of Clinical Microbiology

Manual of
Manual of Clinical Microbiology
Edwin H. Lennette (Sous la direction de)

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Description du produit

MCM provides all microbiologists, laboratorians, and infectious disease professionals with the definitive reference work for running an effective, state-of-the-art diagnostic laboratory. No other single resource offers such extensive, up-to-date, practical information presented in a concise and easily accessible format. MCM continues to set the standard for reliability and day-to-day utility as a reference work for all busy professionals in the diagnostic laboratory and infectious disease communities. Guiding the clinical microbiologist in the selection, performance, and interpretation of laboratory procedures, MCM focuses on the when and why of diagnostic procedures, as well as the how. It presents a direct approach to organizing information with thorough but concise treatments of all the major areas of microbiology, including new microbial discoveries, changing diagnostic methods, and emerging therapeutic challenges facing clinicians.

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